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Our last trip few trips to Indonesia were unbelievable adventures where everyone had so much fun they continue to want to go back and so we are.

Bali, Raja Ampat, Komodo, Flores - these are names to conjure with. Islands of mystery, adventure, beauty and some of the best SCUBA diving in the world!

Think of slipping off the dreary bonds of modern life; of escaping to a pristine world of great diving; of dragons and adventure. That's what awaits you. The excellent food, and service aboard our (custom built) pirate ship, the Pindito will create fond memories.

Indonesia 2022

Hope that you miss diving as much as we do right now!  The good news of the 2 vaccines becoming available for most Americans makes us feel like there is new ray of hope in getting back to a normal life. If all goes well with the vaccine, we are really hoping that we can travel to Indonesia in March of 2022.
We are starting to work right now with Safari Tours in Manado, Indonesia on all of our domestic travel plans.  We have had a great relationship with Safari Tours since 2008 and they have always been a very reliable company to work with on travel details. 
Here’s a quick look at the preliminary schedule for our trip:
Leave Boston on Wed (early morning flight), March 16th (Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong / Hong Kong to Jakarta).
Arrive in Jakarta on Thursday afternoon, March 17th / stay one night at the FM7 Hotel.
Leave Jakarta on Friday (early afternoon), March 18th and fly to Makassar, Sulawesi / check into hotel.
Stay 3 nights in Makassar and take sight seeing trips on Sat & Sun, March 19th & 20th.
Leave Makassar on Monday morning, March 21st and fly to Sorong to board the Pindito.
11 days on the Pindito from Sorong to Triton Bay (Kaimana)
Leave Triton Bay on the morning of April 1st and fly back to Jakarta  (not sure yet if we have to stay overnight in Sorong)
Arrive in Jakarta and stay one night at the FM7 Hotel.
Depart Jakarta for trip back to USA.
We are not yet sure of the connections from Triton Bay to Jakarta, so we won’t have our return dates until we hear back from Safari Tours.  Most likely, we will get back to Boston around April 2nd or 3rd depending on flight connections.
We’ll have more information for you regarding our stay in Sulawesi hopefully in the next month.  As most of you already know, traveling to remote areas of Indonesia can be quite challenging and extremely exhausting.  It will be good to have 3 days of rest before we actually start diving. 
To see the plan for our trip on the Pindito, go to their website:  Click on "Diving Cruises” and then scroll down to “Kaimana.”  Our trip route is Sorong to Kaimana.
The cost of the Pindito trip is $5770 per person.  Check out the website for all the details of the boat.
We are hoping to have more accurate pricing for our domestic flights, transit hotels and sight seeing tours in the near future.
It will be your responsibility to make your international flight reservations.  We will give you all the details as soon as we are sure we can travel for this reservation.
Our contract with the Pindito calls for a 25% deposit due one year in advance.  So this coming March, we’ll be asking everyone for a $1500 deposit per person.  We’ll remind you again in February and will send you an invoice.  Start saving :-)
All rooms at this time are full but we are currently looking for a single female to share a room on the Pindito. If you know anyone that is interested, or if you are interested, please let us know ASAP.

Feel free to call the dive shop if you have any questions:  413-532-5510. 
Hope that you all stay safe and well and let’s get psyched about diving again!
Norm & Bert
Raja Ampat, Indonesia
On the Pindito in Flores, Indonesia

We will also explore some of the islands
Yes, the total cost will be high, BUT by planning this far in advance, it can be budgeted for. As Bert said, "about the cost of a dinner out each week." We do have the entire boat, but spaces are going fast. Reserve your spot.

View the Pindito here
View Bert's letter about the trip


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