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Are you looking to see if  Scuba Diving is right for you?
Try our Discover Scuba Program!!!!

Discover Scuba Program
* 1.5-2-hour program including approximately 30min of class room and equipment fitting followed by 3 basic skills taught in water and approximately 1 hour of play time in pool with various activities and games
* Cost is $50 per person and per-registration is required for one of our scheduled dates. If you decide with 30 days to move onto the Scuba Certification Program, we will apply the $50 towards the price of the course.
* Participants must sign a liability and medical waiver. Participants under 18 must have waivers signed by a parent or guardian. Participants should also be in good health and know that some medical complications may exclude them from diving. If you may fall into this category, please speak with one of our instructors.
* You need to provide a bathing suit and towel plus a fun adventurous attitude. We will provide all other equipment you will need for this program. There are changing rooms, lockers and showers onsite. You may also want to bring a bottle of water as you may be very thirsty after the program.

The next Discovery Scuba Program will be Saturday, April 14th at 6pm.
Please pre-register to make sure you get a spot.
Private Discover Scuba Programs are available for an additional cost.

Are you ready for a lifelong adventure?
Let's get Scuba Diver Certified and Explore the rest of the world and see what you have been missing

Scuba Diver Certification Program.

There are 3 parts to this program. Passing all of them is required to receive your NAUI Scuba Diver certification.
1. Academic.
As with any certification program for Scuba, there is some basic knowledge that you need to acquire, and we try to make it as easy as possible to accommodate your needs. We use the Digital NAUI Education System which allows you to access the appropriate information anywhere you have an internet connection. We will track your progress through each section as well as know when you’re taking the quizzes, how many times you took them and what questions you have gotten wrong. Those struggling with any of the online program may opt for instructor led classroom discussion and presentations. We may also make the decision that the instructor led classroom is best for you based on your performance on the quizzes. If instructor led classroom is needed please make those arrangements with the Dive Center or your Instructor. Upon satisfactory completion of the academic training you will be required to pass an 85 question, multiple-choice exam, which is like your online training questions. You can start this part for $149.95 for just the Digital NAUI Education System. We also offer this as the Digital Plus NAUI Education System which includes the online code, textbook, logbook, dive tables and more for $199.95.
We also offer the Scuba Diver academic program with addition of the Nitrox certification. This Dual Certification Program is also offered both ways as Digital NAUI Education System and Digital Plus NAUI Education System just like above. The Digital NAUI Education System is $199.95 and the Digital Plus NAUI Education System is $249.95
2. Confined Water Training.
This is probably the most fun and most important part of your training program. You will start with a 2-3-hour orientation and fitting at our store, where you will be fitted with the appropriate sized equipment for use in the pool. You will also have a chance to be fitted for and purchase your personal snorkeling equipment that you will need for the course. You will complete 8 hours of training, in 4 sessions at about 2 hours each session, in a heated pool environment. Here you will learn to handle and use the Scuba equipment properly and safely, as well as the skills needed to safely enjoy your time underwater. Participants are required to attend all confined water sessions. Confined Water Training is either held 1x or 2x per week. Please call to see what schedule will best fit your needs or email us what days are best for you and we will put together an appropriate schedule for your training.
Please also note that a Medical Statement signed by your Physician is required before the start of this portion of the Course and will be given out when purchasing the academic portion of the course.
Sample Schedules of available courses
Option 1
Friday 7pm -? Orientation. Location: Store
Saturday 6-8pm Pool Training. Location: Roots Aquatics and Fitness
Sunday 6-8pm Pool Training. Location: Roots Aquatics and Fitness
Saturday 6-8pm Pool Training. Location: Roots Aquatics and Fitness
Sunday 6-8pm Pool Training. Location: Roots Aquatics and Fitness
Option 2
Saturday 4-6pm Orientation. Location: Store
Saturday 6-8pm Pool Training. Location: Roots Aquatics and Fitness
Saturday 6-8pm Pool Training. Location: Roots Aquatics and Fitness
Saturday 6-8pm Pool Training. Location: Roots Aquatics and Fitness
Saturday 6-8pm Pool Training. Location: Roots Aquatics and Fitness
Option 3 Same as Option 2 but on Sundays.
Other combinations are available but require a group of 4 to book it.
3. Open Water Evaluation Dives
The 3rd and final part of your training you will find yourself performing your skills for us both in a freshwater and/or saltwater environment. 4 dives over the period of 2 days will finish your Scuba Certification Program. If you are traveling to another destination, we can send you with a referral packet allowing you to do your dives elsewhere. Please see Dive Center for more info or speak with your Instructor. (Please note that due to weather conditions we do not do local Open Water Training Dives from Nov -end of April and even possibly May depending on weather conditions)
Example Schedule
Saturday Freshwater Location - 2 Dives
Sunday Saltwater Location - 2 Dives
Dive Locations are weather dependent as well are the times. Some scheduling may require both days at the ocean, but you have the option of waiting for a freshwater dive. Please note that the Saturday Dive must be attended before you can attend a Sunday Dive.
Scuba Diver Certification Program costs.
Our Price is all inclusive* starting at $549.95 and varies depending on your choice of academic NAUI Education Systems. We try to make this program affordable to everyone with 3 easy payments.
Payment 1 = Cost of Academic Package as chosen by you. Best option is Digital Dual Certification Course which includes both Scuba Diver and Nitrox Certification
Payment 2 = $200 and is due on night of orientation before pool training begins. Also purchase of Mask, Snorkel, Fins and Boots are required at or before this time. Any equipment not purchase through us must be approved by our instructors for use in the course. Non appropriate equipment will not be allowed
Payment 3 = $200 and is due on the night you get fitted for and pick up your equipment for your Open Water Dives or when receiving Referral Paperwork .

* Other required costs are your own personal snorkeling equipment which include dive quality Mask, Snorkel, Fins and Neoprene boots. The price for these starts at $230 with the average person spending approximately $300.
Please note that we can offer certification courses starting at age 10 but we do require a paid participating adult for ages 10 -12. A Junior Certification is awarded for those (ages 10-15 yr) who pass the course.
We require a minimum of 3 students for the confined water training portion of the course and will only have a maximum of 6 per class to insure enough time with the instructor for you to master your scuba skills. Private and semi – private classes are available for an additional cost. Please see store for details.
Once you have become certified there are many courses that are available for your continuing enjoyment of the underwater world including underwater photography and various marine biology programs. We are also proud to be one of the few Dive Centers that can train you to become a Scuba Diver Instructor and we take pride in training only the best.


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